The WHAT EXACTLY IS HETEROSEXUALITY PRINTED LONG SLEEVE is a unisex fit t-shirt made of a dense and sturdy 100% USA-grown cotton jersey with a rib-knit crewneck collar and cuffs and a straight hem. Available in sizes XS-5X. BUY NOW in white or black for $55. 


This shirt is part of our AGENDA collection, which is composed of items with overt, graphic messaging used as a means to question static and stable conceptions that permeate the world.

The text for this shirt was adapted from and celebrates Alan Wakeman's 1975 poster-mural that mocked heterosexist platitudes.


Printed long sleeve, unisex fit t-shirt made of a dense and sturdy 100% USA-grown cotton jersey. Rib-knit crewneck collar and cuffs with a straight hem.

"WHAT EXACTLY IS HETEROSEXUALITY" is printed on front with our signature high-chest placement. Some theories to this elusive question are printed on the back.

Made in South Central, LA

Digitally printed in Linden, New Jersey


This tee has a heavy and sturdy feel with a generous, slightly boxy unisex fit and a ribbed, fitted neckline. It feels structured and does not feel "clingy" or "drapey" when you are wearing it. Due to the natural enzyme wash it has received, it has a broken-in feel like you would expect from a shirt that has been washed and worn for years.

We recommend ordering "true-to-size." If you oscillate between two sizes, we recommend you size down (IE: if you generally describe youself as a "small medium," go with a small. If you describe yourself as a "true medium" or a "large medium" go with a medium). If you are looking for a slim, closer-to-the-body fit, you also might consider sizing down. We think it looks great, and hangs on your body correctly, whether worn tucked in or out or with the sleeves rolled up or left down.

Because this tee shirt is garment dyed, it is virutally shrink-free and will fit very similarly post-wash as it does when you first receive it. Do not size up to account for shrinkage you might usually encounter in a standard cotton tee shirt from regular machine washing and drying.


To best maintain the quality of the shirt, we recommend machine washing inside out on a gentle cycle in cold water, and tumble drying inside out on medium heat. Dry cleaning is not recommended. Do not bleach (spot treatment is OK). Wear it a lot!


Heterosexuality is a condition in which people have a driving emotionaland sexual interest in members of the opposite sex. Because of theanatomical, physiological, social and cultural limitations involved, thereare formidable obstacles to be overcome. However, many heterosexuals lookupon this as a challenge and approach it with ingenuity and energy. Indeedit can be said that most heterosexuals are obsessed with the gratificationof their curious desires.


Hormonal imbalance? Economic conditions? Fear of death? Culturaldeprivation? Pathological condition? Social conditioning? Childhoodtrauma? Parental program?


One theory advanced is that heterosexuals have an imbalance in their sexhormones instead of the normal mixture of the two, they have an excess ofone or a dearth of the other, resulting in an inability to enjoy full andsatisfying relationships with their own sex.


Our society grants financial and other incentives for exclusively (i.e.neurotic) heterosexual coupling: from tax concessions to council houses.To be gay is expensive and many people simply cannot afford it.


A terror of mortality lies beneath much heterosexual coupling. Driven toperpetuate themselves at any cost, most heterosexuals are indifferent tothe prospect of the world-wide famine that will result if the presentpopulation explosion continues unchecked.


Most heterosexuals will be found to have come from a background in whichan appreciation of the beauty of their own bodies has been ruthlesslysuppressed. Heterosexual men in particular think themselves 'ugly', beautybeing ascribed only to women. Many psychic disorders stem from thisself-rejection.


Many heterosexuals claim that they were just 'born that way'.Unfortunately this doesn't hold water. All human beings are the result ofthe interaction between their substance and their environment andheterosexuals, like the rest of us, must share the responsibility fortheir condition.


Many unthinking heterosexuals succumb to the daily bombardment ofconditioning from the mass media and live out their lives trapped inoppressive stereotypes. We should feel compassion for such people, nothostility, for their rejection of all those parts of the self that do notconform to the 'married-couple' ideal, is a measure of their loss ofcontact with their own unique sexuality.


A bad experience with a member of the same sex while young may causerejection of all members of the same sex through fear. The desirecontinues in the subconscious and emerges as a heterosexual neurosis.


In most cases of compulsive heterosexual behavior, the parents will befound to have suffered from similar difficulties

The text for this shirt has been adapted from Alan Wakeman's 1975 Gay Liberation poster-mural that mocked heterosexist platitudes. All proceeds from the sale of this shirt support queer entrepreneurship.